We strongly believe that science matters; that the actions we recommend you take are based on solid evidence and good science, not just our opinion. So, we went back to basics to try to understand what motivates people to become deeply attached to a team, to strive for its success, to surmount obstacles, to make personal sacrifices and to fall in love with their team.

We were fortunate to connect with Professor Rupert Brown, a world authority on group psychology and sponsored a programme of research under his supervision that tested the application to teams of the leading group behaviour psychological theory, the Social Identity Approach.


In collaboration with Sussex University we collected two longitudinal data sets that investigated 528 individuals, in 52 amateur and elite teams, across 14 different sports, in three countries. We focused on sport because the performance outcomes are measurable and clear.

Study One – team identity and performance

Showed that teams with stronger identities perform better; in fact, the 20% of teams with the strongest identities outperformed the 20% with the weakest identities by an astonishing 53%. What is more, the longitudinal design revealed that team identity comes first, predicting better performance and not the other way around.

Study Two – what motivates people to identify with a team

The research found five beliefs accounted for 88.6% of the variation in the strength of identity between teams. This represents a breakthrough in understanding what leaders must do to create the conditions for identification and high performance in their teams.

See our first peer review publication via this link .



Understanding and embedding your distinguishing performance identity – your magic – increases motivation, alignment, engagement and coherence.

Resilience & Sustainability

Resilience increases when team members feel they belong, are included, respected, valued and are capable. Challenges, setbacks and conflicts are easier to handle.  Our TRIBE methodology helps team members build strong, sustainable, resilient relationships motivated by a shared identity.

Moments of Truth

Every team has “moments of truth”, when they either work hard and do the right thing or take an easier path. Critical under-pressure decisions, holding each other to account, facing crises and addressing conflicts (whether incendiary or simmering) are common examples and are indicators of where teams experience moments of truth. TRIBE creates the motivation to do the right thing.


TRIBE is a simple, practical and easily implemented process that is appropriate for all levels in an organisation. Materials and guidelines are available to support leaders, facilitators and coaches to transfer and cascade across an organisation


We have produced a White Paper on our research collaboration with Sussex University. This is designed for leaders in sport who want:

    • A high level overview of cutting edge research on the psychology of high performing teams.
    • A deeper understanding of the psychological foundations that are needed to create a great team.
    • A formula for creating a strong and powerful team identity.


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