What is Social Identity? Prof Steve Reicher explains all in just a minute…

Do you want to understand the science behind dynamic, agile, energised, committed teams, full of passion, pride and performance? The social identity approach is now considered by most psychologists to be the main theory for understanding behaviour in groups.

We asked Prof Steve Reicher – a world leader in this field – to explain social identity in just a minute. Here’s what he had to say:

Looking at teams and the challenges they face, through this new lens, reveals all sorts of exciting and wonderful possibilities.

This approach gives leaders a different way of thinking about people that will help them develop trust and alignment. Research shows it can even help them to be seen as more charismatic, inspirational and motivating. But, as Reicher touches on, this approach is not about “me the leader”, it’s about “us the team”. Evidence tells us that if you as a leader can get this right, your team will not only perform better, it will become a happier, healthier and more satisfying place to work.

We have taken social identity approach and turned it into a practical model for leaders to create teams full of pride passion and performance. We teach team and leaders how to harness the power of group psychology.

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