Members of great teams behave, think and feel differently to those in ordinary teams. They have a level of trust, collaboration and commitment that is the lifeblood of exceptional performance.

Great Team Offsites

Lasting from ½ to 3 days, you will learn to use the TRIBE methodology to develop a team identity that delivers performance, resilience, passion and pride. Good if you want to kick-start a transformation in your team. Can be combined with pre- and post-offsite e-learning.

Team Coaching

Great team performance is inspired by a combination of shared team identity, collaborative capability and discipline. Our team coaching, typically lasting 6-10 sessions, enables your team to bring these success factors to life, creating a narrative of beliefs, attitudes and expectations. A progressive series of investigations, discussions and agreements develop your TRIBE, improve your processes and increase your skills. Great for teams playing an important role under pressure that need sustained change quickly.

Innovation Workshops

Innovation is not the work of a lone genius, it happens in teams. Our workshops introduce innovation thinking with team practices to consistently increase the innovative capacity of a team. Good for teams that need to rethink challenges and find new solutions.

Team Assessment

TeamMARK is our pioneering online team assessment tool. The report gives you an accurate and comprehensive profile on the strength of your team’s TRIBE foundations. Useful if you want to know how you compare to other teams today and measure your progress in the future.