Public Leadership training

We run an expanding programme of public leadership training and masterclasses. Run in London, Birmingham and Edinburgh the focus is on giving leaders practical hands-on things they can do to make their teams great. Participants also get a 60 day subscription to the Great Teams Academy Online, which of course they can extend. Get in touch for details.

In company Leadership Training

We run bespoke in company leadership training and workshops. These can be integrated into longer leadership development programmes and comprehensive leadership training that progresses from leading yourself, your team, to your organisation. Unlike other leadership training our focus is on understanding how team dynamics can be harnessed to motivate your team to improve performance, engagement, and resilience. Because the focus is different, this training complements other leadership development activities. Great for leaders who recognise that you cannot be an effective unless you understand the dynamics of followers.

Leadership Coaching

We provide one-to-one coaching to leaders in business, sport and the military. The golden threat of TRIBE helps them to understand their role as a leader of a great team and to systematic implement a high performance culture in their team. Particularly useful for leaders of large and complex teams of talented people.

Senior Leadership Team Development

We have a long track record supporting the development of strategically important senior leadership teams in business and defence. When team members also lead their own teams or departments the pressure on the senior team can be intense.

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