Our purpose is to share knowledge about advances in leadership and team psychology to help teams and their leaders fulfil their potential.


The Centre for Team Excellence was founded in 1999, trading until 2005 as Paradigm Psychology Ltd. We changed our name to better reflect the kind of work that we were doing for clients and our growing awareness that poor team dynamics were responsible for many problems in organisations

To help our clients address these challenges we have relentlessly developed our expertise in two areas.

Firstly, we are experts in group processes, team dynamics and team psychology. You will know from your own experience that your behaviour changes depending on the company you are in and that being part of a team can bring out unexpected behaviours in people. In spite of this, almost all team development has been focused on individuals (e.g. personal Team Types / Roles) and driven by individual psychology (e.g. emotional intelligence). We know that belonging to a team actually changes the way you think and feel – it even changes who you think you are, your sense of identity. Therefore, attempts to create a winning team that is informed by individual psychology alone are unlikely to succeed. An understanding of team psychology will help you to predict and influence the actions of people in your team.

Secondly, we are experts in how people learn. Clients tell us that much development they have experienced fails to deliver the change that is promised because although it is theoretical, researched and rational, it does not challenge participants to experiment, or engage them emotionally. Participants may leave wiser, but lacking the confidence and motivation to put what they have learnt into practice. We create structured participative experiences that work for everybody; at their heart is learning through discussion, doing and experimentation.


Jeremy Holt

Jeremy Holt

Founder, CEO

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Consultant Psychologist

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