The New Science of Great Teams White Paper

This White Paper is for leaders in sport who want:

  • Insights into the latest research on the psychology of high performing teams.
  • A deeper understanding of the psychological foundations needed to create a great team.
  • Ideas on how to lead their team to greatness.

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  1. […] If you’re interested in reading more about the science behind high performing teams, get our White Paper here. […]

  2. […] “we” depends on internalisation of membership into players’ self-concept. In our White Paper The New Science of Great Sports Teams we explain the conditions that make the internalisation of an identity more likely and many of […]

  3. […] Our research into successful teams shows that they demonstrate what psychologists call strong Social Identities. This means that team members have internalised their membership of the team, making it part of their sense of “who they are” and contributing directly to their self-esteem. When the team does well, those who strongly identify with it feel a direct increase in their self-esteem – they feel good, they feel pride. They are acting out of self-interest but the self they are putting first is “us”. This has a profound impact on their behaviour as they act to create situations that increase pride in the team and minimise situations that reduce it. To find out more about the research download our White Paper on The New Science of Great Sports Teams. […]

  4. […] While this might seem like a minor point when compared to Guardiola’s renowned playing style, the research evidence tells us that each of the five shared beliefs is a vital component of building a strong identity. You can read more about the psychology behind high perming teams and the other three motives in our White Paper here. […]

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