Launching in May 2017

Great Teams Academy will be a new online digital resource for leaders who want to make their team’s great, using the proven TRIBE methodology developed at the Centre for Team Excellence and capturing our 19 years of experience of developing great teams.

Foundation modules

Seven foundation modules provide everything a team leader needs to run 5 x 2 hour meetings to establish the TRIBE foundations in their team and bring them to life.

Each module consists of:

  1. Explanatory videos
  2. PowerPoint presentation – for use in the meeting.
  3. Leader’s workbook.
  4. Team member’s worksheets.
  5. Checklists and self-evaluation forms

Moments of truth

Teams have moments of truth; those times when they either perform, or flop back into the comfortable blanket of mediocrity… and everyone involved knows it. This content enables leaders to anticipate and handle those moments of truth, seizing opportunities to build greatness. You’ll find advice on:

Running great meetings – goal setting – decision making – problem solving – innovation – execution – feedback and metrics – new teams

Unblocking Issues

Many teams become stuck because of issues that bubble under the surface and never get resolved. Usually the issues become intractable, not serious enough to cause a breakdown, but toxic enough to undermine commitment and performance. Often leaders lack the insight and confidence to act and so the issue rumbles on.  This content gives tips and tools on how to successfully resolve recurrent issues about:

communication – conflict – – stress – roles – accountability – trust – resistance to change

Monthly webinar

Subscribers will have access to a monthly webinar addressing issues raised during the month. An opportunity to ask questions and get expert advice, it will also provide the impetus for the ongoing development of more materials.